My favorite Music and Movies

This list has been set up in December 2002 (and revised partly in 2005). It's neither complete nor sorted in another way than alphabetical. Have fun!

Artist Album Year Comment Genre Format
AC/DC No Bull 1996 Great concert in Madrid. If you go there, you know what you get. Rock 'n Roll. Hard Rock DVD
Ayreon The Dream Sequencer,
Flight of the Migrator,
The Human Equation
2000 I love these albums. Excellent stuff to relax, especially sitting at a pool somewhere in the world, having one (and another...) beer. They are a constant part of my travel preparations. Contains great contributions by Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) and others. Check out their latest "The Human Equation". It's even better! Prog Metal 3 CD
Black Sabbath Dehumanizer 1992 No one seems to favorize this album. Okay, they made several great ones, but I like Dehumanizer best. Probably because I love Dio's voice? Heavy Metal CD
The Blues Brothers Band The Blues Brothers 1980 The movie and the corresponding soundtrack show Belushi, Akroyd and the band at their best. This is a cult movie you MUST know (as the book The Hitchhikers Guide by Douglas Adams). They should only have left out the scene with the nazis flying around in their car. This was a bit too unrealistic... Btw, the second movie is far less exciting. Blues CD
Böhse Onkelz 20 Jahre Live in Frankfurt 2001 A pretty controversy band, but during the recent years they convinced me that they say "no" to their fascist past. I was there in Frankfurt and it was a great gig. The DVD is perfect in technical terms (6.1 digital sound, perfect image quality). Their performance was as energetic as always. See you again during the next tour. Heavy Metal DVD
The Cult Electric 1987 This is the best album ever made by them. Sounds a bit like AC/DC (completely different from their other outputs), a bit more raw. No fillers, just killers. Hard Rock CD
Bruce Dickinson Chemical Wedding 1998 It's good to see you back in Maiden, Bruce. But also during his solo career, he came out with some great albums, of which I like the Wedding most. He's one of the greatest metal singers of our times.  Heavy Metal CD
Dream Theater A Change of Seasons 1995 Besides some nice cover versions of Deep Purple and others, the title song is the best prog rock song I ever heard. Over 23 minutes long, it contains every aspect of this genre. Prog Metal CD
Dream Theater Metropolis 2000 2001 Great life performance of their Metropolis Pt. 2 album. It's great to watch these guys play with an incredible speed and accuracy. Prog Metal DVD
Faces A Nod Is As Good As A Wink.. 1971 This prehistoric album shows Rod Stewarts first attempts to perform rock songs. In my eyes these were his best attempts :-) Ron Wood is also a member of this band Check it out. Great, honest, and straightforward. Rock CD
Flotsam & Jetsam No Place for Disgrace 1988 One of the early albums of FJ (their second) and still their best. Just listen to the title song and the Elton John cover Saturday Night's Alright. Very raw, very fast. And a voice to remember. Speed Metal CD
Frankie Goes to Hollywood Welcome to the Pleasuredome 1984 I'm not much into pop music, as you might guess from my selection :-) But this album is really great. Contains very good songs, e.g. Relax. Most of the time it's pretty atmospheric. Pop CD
Genesis A Trick of the Tail 1975 This is one of the slower outputs of Genesis, who recorded several freat rock albums. I like this album probably best because I listened to it when I once read the Lord of the Rings. And from that time on I think of the book whenever I listen to it. It's amazing how good some songs fit this story (Squonk = Gollum, Volcano = Orodruin). Rock CD
Gorefest Soul Survivor 1996 You're looking for the perfect metal CD for your car? Check out this one. Watch out, you get that disc very cheap now, e.g. at EMP. Thrash Metal CD
Grave Digger Tunes of War 1996 Afaik, Grave Digger were honored by the Scottish government after this album. Listen to it and you know why. The songs are about certain events in the Scottish history. Very atmospheric and melodic. Speed Metal CD
Grobschnitt Rockpommels Land 1977 German group, pretty unknown, I guess. Nevertheless, Rockpommels Land is a great album telling a story about freedom, hope, and rebellion.  Rock CD
Iced Earth Something Wicked.. 1998 Great American speed metal. All their outputs are very professional. Probably not raw enough, but you can't get everything, right? Btw, they got a great logo. Check out the rear window of my car :-) Speed Metal CD
Iron Maiden Rock in Rio 2002 Incredible concert in Rio. My best DVD! A crowd of 250.000 people, and Maiden really had fun to play this gig. Check out Fear of the Dark. Goosebumps!  Speed Metal DVD
The Lord of the Rings The fellowship 2002 You should definitely get the extended 4- (or 5-) DVD version of this movie. Mind-blowing and the best movie I ever saw until now. Movie 4 DVD
Metal Church Hanging in the Balance 1993 This album is in my eyes completely underrated by the music press, as the group Metal Church itself (but who cares :-)). It's very energetic, political, and melodic. Heavy metal at it's best. If you like this stuff, you should definitely check out their earlier releases: Metal Church, The Dark, Blessing In Disguise, and The Human Factor. The Dark and Blessing are a bit heavier, though.  Speed Metal CD
Metallica Kill 'em all 1983 Great stuff. Especially on the US version of the CD. Am I evil is one of my all-time favorites. Speed Metal CD
Midnight Oil Diesel and Dust 1987 I have no background information about this band, but obviously they are Australian. Their songs support the aborigines. But even of you don't care (as I do), the music speaks for itself. Pop CD
Nightwish From Wishes to Eternity 2001 Technically, there are better DVDs. But the songs are great! You should also check out their albums, esp. Wishmaster and Century Child. Nightwish is unique due to the unusual combination of speed metal music ala Stratovarius with the classical opera-style voice of the female lead-singer. Speed Metal DVD
Overkill The Years of Decay 1989 If you love raw, dirty, and punk influenced heavy metal music, this album is a must. And this is only one of many Overkill albums I can definitely recommend. The list is a bit long, so I concentrate on their weaker outputs, as there are Horrorscope and I Hear Black. All others are worth a try. I saw Overkill back in 1996 (or was it '97?) in Cologne and I will always remember this show as one of the best I ever saw. Speed Metal CD
Alan Parsons Tales of mystery and imagination 1976 Pretty old today, but still great songs. I used to have this CD (and before that time the vinyl version) with me when I bought HiFi stuff. Although it's too precious to be used for that only. Turn low the lights, get a beer, and listen to it. Rock CD
Pink Floyd Animals 1977 This was my first CD at all. And I still love it. Great stuff to sit down, dream, and relax. Rock CD
Harry Potter ..and the chamber of secrets        
Queensryche Operation: Mindcrime 1988
(and Operation: Livecrime, the movie) Probably the best metal album ever made. It starts on an incredibly high level and gets better and better with every minute. Every song fits perfectly as it is and as it is placed on the album. And the last three songs Breaking The Silence, I Don't Believe In Love, and Eyes Of A Stranger simply blow away everything. We can all be happy that someone made this album. Prog Metal CD
Rainbow Rainbow on Stage 1977 Before I know Maidens Rock in Rio, the best concert I knew. Heavy Metal CD
Rammstein Mutter 2001 Great for riding. Makes you a bit aggressive from time to time :-) Heavy Metal CD
Savatage Dead Winter Dead 1995 Recorded during the war in Yugoslavia, they captured the atmosphere very well. Great melodies. Heavy Metal CD
Der Schuh des Manitu Der Schuh des Manitu 2002 I love Bullies humor. Movie 2 DVD
Slayer Reign in Blood 1986 Hyper fast, hyper aggressive, a great soundtrack for all those forbidden splatter movies. Thrash Metal CD
Supertramp Crime of the Century 1974 An all-time classic. 'nuff said. Rock CD
Terry Hoax Freedom Circus 1992 I guess no one knows this group but me :-) They split up, afaik. Circus contains some great rock songs to sing-along. Rock CD
Tesla Mechanical Resonance 1986 One of the best rock albums I know. Not hard enough for what I would call metal, but excellent stuff. You should also check out the Great Radio Controversy. Rock CD