On this page you find some info about my family, me and my other hobbies. This is an attempt to provide some English pages for my international friends as well. But hey, English is not my native language, so pls accept my errors...

Something Useful

If you are looking for something useful on these pages, you could give my download page a try. I recommend the Solitare game (my wife's one and only computer game) or - for something serious - the Wizard of Oz tool that can help you design a speech enabled dialogue system.


Since March 2000 this homepage has a new layout. Before that time, I did not spend much time on it (to the benefit of the -german- table tennis page of Aachen).

If you like to send me some encrypted e-owls, please use my PGP key.


I would like to thank my friend Bernd Schmidt, who offered me some webspace for these pages back in early 1998. Despite of that, I usually do not let him win our Doppelkopf card games -- unless Franz-Josef helps him :-)

I have fertig

I strongly suggest watching this homepage with a browser and not an ASCII editor. The impression is definitely better if you sit on a beach with some chicks and a cocktail (chicks are those animals, aren't they?). The preferred resolution is 3232x23 pixels. If you manage this, you get a beer from me :-) Former changes are documented on the history pages - in German only.