gwa.gif (697 Byte)Alsdorfer Tennisclub Grün-Weiß

In 2005, the whole family joined this tennis club. My first job was of course to create a homepage, the second to become the chairman ;-).

Table Tennis Association Aachen

WTTV - Kreis AachenFrom 1998/99 to 2005 I ran the (german) table tennis result service for the TT association Aachen. Since I had been elected as the press guy for Aachen (actually I didn't say NO fast enough :-)), these results were pretty actual most of the time. In 2005, the association switched to ClickTT.

SV Hörn SV Hörn

My membership at SV Sportfreunde Aachen-Hörn 1948 e.V. lasts since about 1987. Most of the years I played in their last team, and there on one of the last positions. This made me one of the worst organized table tennis players in Aachen (and probably Germany). However, the most important thing for me was fun. BTW, Hörn has its own (german) internet pages. Check it out!

TTF Kellersberg Da Boyz...

The Tischtennisfreunde Herz-Jesu Kellersberg are my favourite drink..., er, playing ground since 1997. See you next Tuesday! Cheers! [Click on the pic to enlarge] Here's also a newer one.